Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kitchen Ruffle Towels

I found some adorable towels like this on AshleyAnn's blog and have been wanting to make them for so long....and I FINALLY did! My first disclaimer is that I'm a photographer not a seamstress, don't judge the poor sewing...haha!

I picked out some of my favorite scrap fabric. The grey ruffle at the bottom is an old skirt that I had to retire but decided to hang onto it because I loved the material...thank goodness!

I just cut my strips of fabric, folded under the edges, and then sewed the ends down the ends to the towel and then pinned the ruffled areas. Then it was just sewing straight lines, which I'm getting better at, but it's no where near perfect!

I'm definitely pleased with the way it turned out! Thanks for the great idea AshleyAnn!

How You Know You're Getting Older

My college roommates and I were talking about this recently because one of my dear roommates just built a house and got customize just about everything...oooh la la! We decided that a good way to tell that you're getting older is when you start getting excited about light fixtures, bedding, dishes, tile and carpet samples AND......CURTAINS!

I received the newest addition or our lovely home this weekend. Not just any old curtains, but BURLAP curtains. I may sound a little strange at first but it really matches our eclectic/shabby chic style. The texture of them and the way they let the light still pour in is absolutely beautiful. Who knew curtains could practically make you giddy!

A huge thank you to PaulaAndErika, they have the cutest stuff, I'm in love with their ruffle curtains! Yea for Etsy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter is on it's way!

This all started when my mother-in-law sent me a picture of her center piece she had done for Easter. It really got me motivated to start some seasonal decorating...thanks Dulcy! I found this great project from good ol Martha! I love the way these turned out. Above are the old silk ties that I used to dye eggs for Easter.

I used cotton balls to rub white vinegar on the outside of the eggs, I got better results when I did this.

Then you tie the silk (print side facing the egg) around the egg

Then use a white sheet or other white scrap material you might have to wrap around the silk

Then place them in a pot, I didn't have a glass or enamel pot like Martha called for, but this one worked just fine

You cover the eggs with water and then add 3 tbl spoons of white vinegar (i double that and got better results).

I brought to a boil and then let simmer for about 25-30 minutes. And this is what I got!

Very pretty patterns, I love how great the flower transferred, it's so clear!

The I wiped them down with some vegetable oil to add a little sheen

I had a cake plate I wasn't using so I filled it with dried split peas (keeps the eggs from rolling around and looks like spring) and arranged the eggs accordingly.

I just love it! I'm not a big pastel person, so these vibrant colors are fine by me!

I also made some twine eggs. I used plastic eggs and hot glued twine on them very carefully :D

I think it added a nice natural look

Happy Almost Easter Everyone!