Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 down, 60+ to go!

So this post is a little late but last Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated by eating at our favorite restaurant, a little shopping, and having a huge slice of cheesecake accompanied with a glass of milk (just like our wedding). Thank you all so much for the cards, emails, texts, etc. Special thanks to Rich and Viann for making us an amazing cheesecake for our special day, you guys are great and so was the cheesecake.

We've had a great first year, we are so blessed to have each other. We found an amazing church to join, are surrounded by great friends and have had a great time getting involved in our community. Now we're about to embark on a new journey as we prepare for our third move. We're definitely going to miss everyone in good ol Beaufort, but are so excited to see what's ahead for us in Okinawa.

Thanks to my wonderful husband for putting up with my scatterbrained mess, loving me even though I laugh when you get upset, and for supporting me in whatever new idea I have at the moment...haha! Love you baby!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Mornings

I love our weekend mornings! They usually consist of a decent breakfast and my husband making the most amazing lattes. He used to work for Starbucks back in the day and I tease him that one of the many reasons I married him and one of the only reasons my dad let me marry him :D This morning was much the same in that respect, except I made the lattes under his supervision. I think I'm ready for my barista apron, because they turned out amazing! We also enjoyed an amazing french toast casserole. I found the recipe online, it's a Paula Dean recipe so of course it's not that great for you, but I made some slight adjustments to it that make me feel better: whole wheat bread, agave nectar, no syrup and modifying the Praline topping so it doesn't clog my arteries. Hope everyone else is having a great Saturday morning as well!