Monday, February 15, 2010

White Birthday and Valentine's Day!

We were blessed with about a foot of snow the day before my 25th birthday and it stayed with us through Valentine's Day! I was thrilled since I'm heading out to a tropical climate soon, to be able to experience this record making snow fall before I depart! Here's a few pictures...enjoy!

Experienced a little bit of damage, but nothing too was oh so beautiful!

Props to my bro for making snow ice cream....YUMMM!

We also got into the Valentine's spirit by making these fabulous treats! The recipe is simple: Chocolate candy hearts on top of mini pretzels. Heat your oven to 350 and pop them in for just a bit. Mine only took 2 minutes. You don't want them to melt too much...just enough to stick to the pretzel. Add sprinkles or whatever you wish...Enjoy!

The largest snow flakes I've EVER seen!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Room with a View

Robert sent this picture today of our new place! He did a great panoramic shot for him :D So very excited to see our new apartment in person and start decorating my little heart out...yeah!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Delinquent Blogger!

I'm so bad at this! Granted, I have been fairly busy lately and getting ready for lots of life changes (ie: moving to Japan)...oh well. Something about tonight inspired to me to get back in the saddle, mainly inability to sleep/trying to stay awake to talk to the husband.

Robert's in Okinawa! Instead of thinking how much I miss him when he's away, I try to focus on the positive and tonight a list came flooding to my brain....

This picture is exhibit A! A friend (who's met robert twice...maybe) asked me the other day if this was our new car? I love that my husband could totally pull off that car, in fact he would love it! The best part was that in meeting him twice she got that same vibe.

Recently had a friend say to me, "Your husband would go out of his way to help a complete stranger, wouldn't he?!" The answer....yes he would! He's "Mr. Helpful" don't know what I would do without him around the house (that's not true, I would be doing more laundry and more dishes....haha!)

Finally, (I'm making this a short list so people don't vomit all over their keyboards and so I don't completely embarrass my husband) I love my husband because his first Sunday in Japan he decided he'd get up a go to church. Doesn't seem like such a big deal until you hear the full story. He has no driver's license yet (takes awhile to get approved through the Marine Corps when you're overseas) and there's no public transportation that could get him there besides a cab, so that's precisely what he did. Got up early on Sunday, called a cab and went to sign out (being his first week on the base he was still having to sign in and out every time he left). Turns out the church he chose to attend had recently changed locations, so when the cabby looked up the church on his GPS, he was headed in the wrong direction. Arriving at a building that was not Koza Baptist Church, Robert called the church office. Praise the Lord someone answered on a Sunday morning and was able to communicate to the cab driver how to get to the current location. Robert, being a Marine, was of course running early so he ended up making it to church just in time. In the end he paid $60 round trip for the cab ride and saw a little bit of Okinawa country side. When he got back to base after church he walked in and the Marine at the sign in said, "Hey there Sgt. White" Robert was shocked that he remembered his name and he replied, "You got a good memory there (insert rank)" and (this is my favorite part) the Marine told him, "No sir, you're just the only guy I know who's ever signed out to go to church." That is why I LOVE my husband, thank you God for blessing me with such an amazing man! :D