Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Ok, so it's not quite Fall weather here in SC just yet, but it's getting close. The temperature is even supposed to get into the 50's this week! I love everything about Fall, the weather, wearing long sleeves, leaves turning colors, the smell of pumpkin and's my favorite time of year! I also enjoy are some fall crafts that I've loved, enjoy...

Great birthday present idea! I made this recently for my friend Beckie's birthday. I started with a 4-pack of Izzie bottled drinks. I poured the juice drink into a large spare container and then removed the labels and cleaned the bottles. I decorated the 4-pack box with scrapbook paper and then filled the bottles with her favorite candy. It turned out great and she loved it!

This one was so easy and very cute! It's just a little Mason jar filled with candy corn and decorated w/card stock to look like a little pumpkins!

This one, I cannot claim, but I had to include it because it's so cute! This was made by my Mother-in-law and was sent with a Fall goody bag for sweet!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We're praying for Jamie (Robert's sister) and Robert's Mom, Dad, older Sister and her Husband. Tomorrow Jamie undergoes, what we are praying is her last surgery. Please take time to pray for her and our family as they await her surgery and as they are in the waiting room tomorrow morning during her surgery. For specifics on how to pray for Jamie please visit her blog

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Run Robert, Run

So today I ran in the Community Bible Church's Inaugural 5k Race! My run time was 25 minutes, 15:99 seconds! That's a little slower than my normal run time...turns out that the course was about an extra half mile. But it was lots of fun!

I placed 9th overall, and 2nd in the Men's 20-29 age group!!!! The guy who got first in our age group ran a 25:15:38! We were neck and neck the whole time!.

I think I'm gonna have to start running more races!

Happy Saturday! -Robert

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday Mom! Today is my Mom’s birthday and I’d like to take a little walk down memory lane through some old photos. As a photographer, I love old family photos, I have them up all over my house! But before I get to the photos, I want to say thank you.

Thank you mom for being an amazing example for Jay and I.
Thank you for staying home and raising us.
Thank you for making Church, the Bible and especially a person relationship with Jesus Christ priority in our lives.
Thank you for always telling us to “look at the bubbles” when pouring peroxide on our cuts and scrapes…haha!
Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for loving us unconditionally even when we went through our awkward phases :D
Thank you for all you sacrificed for our happiness.
Thank you for praying without ceasing for us.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom
Thank you for being MOM!

Time for pictures:

What a precious family!

Wedding Day

Memom & Daddy Jack's 50 Wedding Anniversary

Family Reunion, Poetry, TX

Christmas 2005

Easter 2006

College Graduation

Wedding Day

For those of you who don’t know, Daddy Jack (mom’s dad) & Mom share the same birthday. I think the only way you couldn’t know that is if you never had the priveledge of meeting my sweet Daddy Jack. He went home to be with Jesus in December 2006, but he was so proud to share this special day with his daughter. I remember going to visit him in the the hospital in Kaufman in the summer of 2006 and when I walked in the nurse said, “You must be Jana, the volleyball player” I laughed and said "why yes I am" and then later on she told me how amazing it was that my grandfather and mom shared the same birthday…hahaha! Daddy Jack was very proud of his family. I definitely miss his stories and the smell of his old pearl snap shirts the most. Thank you Daddy Jack for leaving a Godly legacy, we all miss you dearly!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

11 down 1 to go!

We're 1 month away from our 1 year anniversary! On Friday night we decided to go out to our local drive in movie theater for the double feature. You can't beat $10 for two movies for both of us. It was definitely a small crowd as you can see from the pictures. We love the drive in :D we got our ritual bucket o' popcorn and funnel cake and enjoyed the showing of Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Julie & Julia. By the end of the second showing we were the last car standing!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who helped with the ball gown give away! We had an amazing turn out of over 200 people and an even more amazing donation of over 250 dresses. It was a great night with wonderful food and tons of smiling faces. Thank you for making it possible for so many Marine wives to be able to have a free dress for the Marine Corps Ball. A special thank you goes out to all you who donated, to my mother-in-law and father-in-law who volunteered to be a drop off for dresses, to my sister-in-law who put up a blog and helped collect several dresses, and to my mom & dad for collecting dresses and packing 30+ dresses in their vehicle on their way to visit us in SC! You guys were all so amazing! Please enjoy the following photos of the night (I was the volunteer event photographer :D)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr & Mrs White go to Disney!

Robert decided to surprise me with a vacation to Disney World, he had a 96 (Marine Corp's slang for long weekend - 4 days = 96 hours) coming up and told me he was taking me somewhere. To my surprise, we loaded up the car and headed for DISNEY WORLD! I started to figure it out when we headed south to Florida. Robert did so good! He picked out an amazing hotel, we stayed at Disney's Pop Century which is basically a blast from the past. It's based out of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and everything there is reminiscent of those eras. I still can't explain how shocked and excited I was to be in Disney World with my husband for a secret get away!

The following are pictures of our amazing Disney Resort, the first is of us is in our yo-yo stairwell :D

Getting ready for Day 1 at Walt Disney World! We were so excited, just like two little kids :D

Pirates of the Caribbean..Johnny Depp's character is now in this classic Disney ride and it's uncanny how much it looks like Johnny Depp.

On It's a Small World ride...the same as we remembered, but we had definitely been to a lot more of these places since the first time we rode this ride...haha! I don't think we sang that song once all week after the's a miracle!

Rockin' Rollercoaster...wahooo! Love Aerosmith, love this ride! This was new since the two of us had been to Disney and it's one of our new favorites :D

On our tour of Behind the Scenes Disney...Robert knew what everything was...haha, I spotted Herbie!

Starting Day 3 at Epcot! As you can see Robert ate his Wheaties that morning.

Germany via Epcot

Eating lunch in Germany...this picture inspired much laughter with us. Robert was concentrating on taking the picture and not smiling, so i started teasing him. Our conversation went something like this...
Jana: You look that guy that sang "I'm too sexy" you're saying, "I'm too sexxxy for this photo, this photo"
Robert: Hey, isn't he German??
We couldn't stop laughing...think the people around us wondered what was so funny :D

Honey a Shrunk the was one of our favorites as kids and it was just as good as we remembered! It was so much fun hearing all the people in there for the first time yelling and screaming, oohing and ahhhing. We tried so hard to take a good picture in front of the building, be we had sat in the dark for 20 minutes and it was so bright luck :D

End of Day 2 at Epcot. We ate dinner at the Mexican restaurant on the water and had a great view of the fireworks!

Starting Day 3 at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rode the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom, this was one of the things we got to do before it unleashed a monsoon of rain on everyone. We just-so-happened to be craving an early lunch and were nestled under a pavilion when the massive rain came. We were soon joined by Pluto and Goofy and about a hundred little kids...haha! They apologized to us several times for setting up camp right beside our table, but we just laughed...we got dinner and show! The little kids were so adorable especially the ones who cried, that was so me as a child!

There was a giant Lego Sea Monster at Disney!

Our last day...we were a little sad to leave

Needless to say, Robert did an amazing job. Thank you so much baby, had the time of my life with you, what a special trip!