Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update through Pictures

Thanksgiving was amazing! My friend Allie and I prepared our first turkey together and we had a blast making all the other fixins. My parents came in to join us and so did many other friends. I'm so thankful for friends and family.

Sam & Dulcy (Robert's parents) came in for Robert's promotion to Sgt. It was a complete surprise. They met us at our favorite restaurant in town and Robert was beside himself. He couldn't believe they were there. I'm honestly shocked that I did not spill the beans before they arrived, but somehow I kept the cat in the bag! We also had a very early Christmas, as we were packing for Japan this past week and had to get all the large objects packed. Thanks so much to Robert's fam, it was a great couple of days!

Robert's promotion went very smoothly. I was a bit nervous because I was pinning him (I removed his former Cpl Chevrons and replaced them with his new Sgt Chevrons). What an honor! The Commanding Officer was teasing me that I could put them on upside down or sideways if I wanted, but I got it just right. After the ceremony we finally went to Sgt White's BBQ. It was definitely worth the wait, you must try it if you're ever in Beaufort, SC.

This was taken on our second trip to Sgt White's BBQ. We went on Friday because we needed some comfort food after working ourselves to death this week. We are officially packed (our three shipments are on their way to Japan and storage...where ever that might be) and moved out of our rent house...thank you Jesus! Thanks to great friends who are so helpful and generous...what would we do without you?!

Tomorrow morning we're off to DC and NY to celebrate Robert's birthday and our last big trip before we head out of country for three years. Make sure and watch David Letterman on Dec 16 (Robert's Bday) because we won tickets!!! Lots more pictures to come after this week :D