Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Deer

This is what I saw out my kitchen window this afternoon. I had gone to the cupboard for an afternoon snack and when I shut the door I saw something move in the backyard, I looked up and they were staring at me...haha! Luckily, I had time to snag a pic before they ran away..I will definitely miss this part of SC!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So much to blog, so little time

No, you are not mistaken that is Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden! I had the privilege to attend the Blue Star Familiy/ServiceNation event in Washington D.C. on Veterans Day. Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and Alma Powell joined us as we honored families of troops and sent letters of encouragement and thanks boxes provided by Target's generous donations. Read more about this amazing event on Blue Star Families Website.

My friend Tavia and I attended the event together. We are the CoDirectors of Blue Star Families Beaufort, SC. We had a great time getting to meet the other BSF volunteers. We navigated the DC metro like old pros. We managed to arrive on time and with all our luggage...thank the LORD!

This is an example of the cards that were sent to military families saying thank you for their sacrifice. That's our mission with Blue Star Families. We empower and encourage the families. There are so many support systems in place for troops, but families often fall through the cracks. If you would like to write to these amazing families please go the BSF website to learn how. You can make a difference in the life of a military spouse, child, parent or veteran.

On Saturday we attended our second Marine Corps Ball as a married couple....awww! We drove out to the Hilton Head Marriot for the ball. It was a great night of dinner and dancing with great friends. It's so much fun to all dressed up and go out with my handsome Marine.

The best news of all is that Robert is being promoted to Sgt on December 1! We are beyond excited and so thankful that it's happening at such a great time (before the move to Okinawa). This means that we will finally be able to eat at Sgt White's BBQ. It's been a running joke that Robert won't eat there as a Cpl and out of respect our friends have not eaten there either....haha! Can't wait to get a taste of this bbq, hope it's worth the wait :D

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Jinkies! We had a great Halloween. Robert had a dinner he was voluntold to go to out on Callawassie Island Country Club. The base sent two representatives to the dinner and Robert was selected. Luckily, he had a great time. I was partying at my friend Tavia's house with a princess and her dragon, a pea-in-a-pod, mjr cutie the police woman and her terrorist husband, and finally my not-so-shaggy, Shaggy! We had a number of trick-or-treaters and I think only one stolen purple pumpkin bucket with lots of candy. Enjoy the rest of the photos!