Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Years in Numbers

The other day Robert and I were talking about all the numbers that have been involved in the past 2 years of our marriage and between the two of us, this is what we came up with....

2 years of marriage (obviously)
1 name change
4 telephone numbers
3 moves (all technically overseas)
12 flights (4 were together)
4 addresses
5.5 months apart (not too shabby for a military couple)
4 major road trips
8,000+ miles covered on those road trips
2 trains rides
1 massive snow storm survived
16 inches of snow during that storm
7 hours spent driving 45 miles during that horrible snow storm
1 typhoon
2 earthquakes
1 boat ride
7 countries visited
16 states visited
1 re-enlistment
1 promotion
6 different jobs (oh the life of a Marine spouse)
2 churches
6 visits from friends and family
5 weddings attended
6 different living arrangements
10 gallons of paint used on our walls
2 front row seats to David Letterman on Robert's birthday
1 trip to Disney World
2 cars sold
2 foreign cars purchased
3 new passports
20,675 miles covered by military moves
Countless new friends

Love you baby! No place I'd rather be than with you!


  1. All of this done with much class! So proud of the way you have adapted to every situation! May God continue to bless your lives as you bless others! Happy 2nd Anniversary! Love you!